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The number of paragraphs mostly depends on the tasks you’ve been given. Several tasks may require several paragraphs: for instance, one paragraph for style features of the novel, one for the plotline and its analysis, one for the main characters, one for your own opinion (in case you’ve been asked to give any). The introduction and the conclusion are mandatory parts or any written work, so if you add up everything, you will get a decent essay outline which we can see in almost any literary analysis essay example. When , I usually contact writing services and ask them for any relevant examples or pay them for writing a literary analysis essay for me.

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The prerequisite to writing a strong literary essay is to read the text one will write about carefully and thoughtfully. The best literary essays are the ones built upon strong interpretations. When reading a text in order to write about it, there are some ways that students can interact with the text at various points in order to move effectively and efficiently toward growing big ideas. As is recommended in Lucy Calkins’s literary essay work, I strongly recommend that students write about short texts, particularly when they are first learning how to write literary essays. The short texts could be short stories, picture books, or even excerpts from larger books.

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