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Hi, this is Laura Turner and today we're going to talk about how to write a movie revue. First of all, you obviously want to go see the movie. And while you're in the movie, you'll want to take down any notes that you think you might forget about later on. Like, for example who was in the move and things like this. Of course you can always go on line to get those later. I would say keep your note taking to a minimum while you're actually watching the movie. And do this because you want to actually get the experience of watching the movie, rather than actually sort of already start you know, criticizing it from the very beginning. So let yourself be open to the film, at first and just try to not write unless you've got something, you know, you want to write down a certain line that you won't remember later. So, give the film a chance is number one. Number two, consider why you're writing the review and who you're writing it for. Are you writing it for a professional audience? Are you it for something to be published? Are you writing it just for your blog on line? Whatever you're doing think about the style in which you want to write it. Should it be a completely serious review? Should it be a sort of over the top, this film is horrible like all Ben Stiller's other movies or whatever you want to say. Or, this film is so poignant like all Spielburg's movies or whatever you're going to say. Figure out how you want to write the review, in what style, and who is going to be reading it. Next, what I would do is I would actually begin with the good things about the film even if you didn't like it. I would start off your review with a couple of good points, things that were not so bad about the film. So, what you liked first and then you can start to get in to your criticizing phase, what was wrong with it, what you think could have been better. Actually go along also, try to comment on the main elements of drama. The characters, the plot, the diction or the script of the movie, the themes running through the movie, if there are, you know any, the special effects and of course the music. So, characters, plot, script, theme, special effects and music. And that will sort of carry you through every detail of the movie. But of course do not reveal everything about the movie in your review. Do not tell the audience exactly everything that happens because if they read your review and you've spoiled the whole movie for them, you know, they're going to be very angry at you. So, to go ahead and get all those things down and then submit your review and wait for others to review your review.

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