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Tour Guide Speech Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen

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When you take a reputable Rio private guided tour you will get a guide that is fluent in English. He is able to speak loud and clear as well as fully understand what you say. Since most Brazilians do not speak English (including many tour guides!) it is essential that you choose a Rio private guided tour whose tour guide REALLY speaks English.

Savannah Tour Guides Free Speech - Institute for Justice

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This is an example of a tour guide speech. You can both listen and read it. Try not to read first and see if you understand what the tour guide says beforehand.
Good luck!

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Although Savannah’s licensing law has now been repealed, the guides are continuing to challenge a separate provision charging tour guides a special tax just for speaking. Savannah charges tour guides a set fee for every member of their audience-penalizing guides just because people want to hear what they have to say.

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