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| Steve M. asking Kaiwen & Janelle for their comments about “SMU SIS style of Learning on the Go”

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Prior to the interview, I did some research on what is the framework of the interview and what kind of questions do they usually ask. I stumbled across a few blogs by SMU SIS seniors, links below.

| Kaiwen on “SMU SIS style of Learning on the Go” (Normal Projects Vs. Team Projects)

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"SMU and SIS have sharpened my communication skills and requirement gathering techniques that enabled me to interact effectively with the users and other stakeholders in the company.

| Steve M. closing on SMU SIS Style of Learning on the Go: Explicit design of the SIS experience

He briefed us that we only have 5 minutes to complete the estimation question and to write as much as possible on the piece of paper. My question is, “How many Singaporeans are watching the Channel 5 news at 9pm last Wednesday?” There are no right or wrong answers to the estimation question, like what the other blog posts have said, the interviewers only want to know if you can be logical in your thinking process. I didn’t write much though as I spent more than half of the time reading the example, I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal as I can still continue answering during the actual interview. Videos on SMU SIS were shown to us after we handed in our question paper. Those videos can be found on Youtube and I have seen it before so I didn’t really pay much attention to it. We exited the room after the videos end and another group went in after us.

| Kaiwen final comments on the flexibility of SMU SIS & how it can shape your future decisions

Prior to the interview, I did some research on what is the framework of the interview and what kind of questions do they usually ask. I stumbled across a few blogs by SMU SIS seniors, links below.A random SMU SIS student came and engaged us in a conversation. He asked us this frightening question, “You guys really want to join SIS ah?” Then proceeded on to say, “I was in school till 4am yesterday.” Scaring us right before our interview, brilliant. But he did gave us some advices, he told us the estimation question he was asked during his interview. Which is how many light bulbs are there in SMU? He asked another senior to share with us her estimation question which is, how many merlion can fit on top of Marina Bay Sands?Base on these blog posts, I can safely say that the estimation questions is inevitable. I dressed up in my business wear that afternoon and headed over to SMU SIS. I have no problems getting to the venue as I always study at one of the tables along SMU concourse during my poly days (sorry for occupying the table). I headed to level 4 of SIS and was directed to a meeting/holding room. 1 guy was already sitting outside the holding room, 3 other guys were inside the holding room. Another came shortly after me.SMUXtremists consists of teams for Biking, Diving, Kayaking, Trekking, Skating and the XSeed team. It has organised land-based and sea-based activities, including mountain biking, road and leisure cycling outings, overseas trekking expeditions and diving trips, kayaking expeditions to the Southern Islands of Singapore and cable ski trips in Batam Island, as well as adventure courses for outdoor enthusiasts. One of the club’s main objectives is to promote the outdoors to the entire SMU population.They then "conducted a Facebook search, printed their faces and waited for them at the lobby of SMU School of Information Systems (SMU SIS) - the place where most IS students have to walk past every day," says Choy."I recently had my induction, and the Campus Recruitment Head as well as recent graduates hired into Credit Suisse spoke during the session. One of the most important things they highlighted was the increasing importance of people with a sense of understanding, not only on the IT front, but on the business front as well — basically what SMU SIS is all about. What they said brought back to memory all that Prof. Miller, Prof. Desai and my other SIS professors have been talking about. Hearing it from Credit Suisse managers and recently hired employees was really inspiring and made me glad that I chose to pursue my degree in Information Systems Management at SMU.