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Poster Siddhartha mit Om Zeichen von Christine Ganz Bildnr.: 183040

After leaving home, Siddhartha becomes a Samana for three years and that is when he ignores his body and enriches his soul and mind. He then does the complete reverse by asking a courtesan to teach him the art of love. Eventually he enters into a world of greed and selfishness and becomes a rich man.

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Siddhartha crosses a river, and the generous ferryman, whom Siddhartha is unable to pay, merrily predicts that Siddhartha will return to the river later to compensate him in some way. Venturing onward toward city life, Siddhartha discovers Kamala, the most beautiful woman he has yet seen. Kamala, a , notes Siddhartha's handsome appearance and fast wit, telling him that he must become wealthy to win her affections so that she may teach him the art of love. Although Siddhartha despised as a Shramana, he agrees now to Kamala's suggestions. She directs him to the employ of Kamaswami, a local businessman, and insists that he have Kamaswami treat him as an equal rather than an underling. Siddhartha easily succeeds, providing a voice of patience and tranquility, which Siddhartha learned from his days as an ascetic, against Kamaswami's fits of passion. Thus Siddhartha becomes a rich man and Kamala's lover, though in his middle years he realizes that the luxurious lifestyle he has chosen is merely a game, empty of spiritual fulfillment. Leaving the fast-paced bustle of the city, Siddhartha returns to the river and thinks of killing himself. He is saved only by an internal experience of the holy word, . The very next morning Siddhartha briefly reconnects with Govinda, who is passing through the area as a wandering Buddhist.

Om is a representation of meditation and when Siddhartha finds om in the river then he finds unity in his self.

Through listening to the river without a goal to hear this or that, Siddhartha becomes enlightened by finding Om, his spiritual salvation foreshadowed through Om physically saving him from drowning. Yet only through a reactive relationship, otherwise as Siddhartha told Govinda, you would be unable to find anything through seeking Om.

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