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Do the media create, or maintain, or reflect the gender-based roles that saturate our environment

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Electronic Media: This includes radio, television, the internet, video games, etc. Now what does this have to do with gender socialization? Gender socialization is the process by which individuals are taught to behave as acceptable males and females in society. Although people are biologically male or female, their behavior is either feminine or masculine. These differences in behavior are culturally created. The mass media plays a major role in the process of gender socialization because it bombards individuals with ideas and images of what men and women are supposed to be. Print Media and Gender Socialization Magazines Obvious examples of gender socialization can be found in magazines. Magazines that are targeted at women are markedly different than those that seek a male audience. Lets take a look.... Women's Magazines Men's Magazines While women's magazines focus on looking pretty and staying skinny and finding better ways to connect with your man, men's magazines focus on sports, news, ambition, and staying in shape. Newspaper articles that target men and women are also similarly divided along gender lines. Electronic Media and Gender Socialization Television Television plays a major role in defining gender roles by way of commercials and television shows. Advertisements for an array of products depict men as being strong and masculine while women are portrayed as dependent delicate flowers. Lets take a look... Men's Commercial Women's Commercial While the commercial targeted towards women says that ladies are supposed to do all the cooking and cleaning and child care, the male targeted commercial gives men just one requirement: don't smell like a lady Television shows and movies also play a major role in reinforcing typical gender stereotypes. they constantly remind the public of what a men and women are supposed to be. Men are supposed to be strong and masculine and "superior" in intellect while women are weak and dependent Video games The images portrayed in video games also contribute to the ideas of gender characteristics. Male characters are, in most cases, extremely muscular and skilled in the use of massive assault weapons while female characters are, if not damsels in distress, dressed in revealing clothing. Although female characters may be portrayed as strong and independent, their slutty clothing makes them less respected than male characters. Gender Socialization Studies Body Image Study In an effort to substantiate the media's influence on body image, a study was carried out at the University of Wisconsin Stout. Forty-three undergraduate students voluntarily participated in the study. The control subjects participated by filling out the Body Image State Scales (BISS).

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Geena Davis has been a long-standing advocate for the analysis of media images and gender socialization. She founded the See Jane Project in 2004 and the .

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