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The city library of Adelaide is known as a “place of possibility” and offers a dedicated section for “learning, challenging and conventional thinking”. You’ll be amazed with the glass ceiling that covers the middle of the roof.

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Texas A&M University Libraries serves both the research and study needs of students and faculty across campus. Online research collections and services include Get it for me and AskUs, thousands of books and journals, subject guides and more. Study space and additional research help can be found in any of the libraries located across campus.

THE BOOKSELLER : 2nd AprilMajor cuts proposed at BIA-winning Devon Libraries

Idea 3: End of Year Appeal letter to your library supporters
Why mail at the end of the year? Because the majority of money that is given to nonprofits is given at the end of the year. This is because people want the tax writeoff, and also it’s around the holiday of Christmas, so people are feeling more generous.

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University has approved construction of the second module of The Libraries Facility, to house Special Collections and University Archives material. It is slated for completion in 2017.Any avid reader will tell you that it is a dream of theirs to have a private library at home. To be able to store and access our favorite books and novels and read in solitude is one of the many ways chill out and destress.To learn more about these opportunities or schedule a class, contact your liaison librarian or Amy Pass, Information Literacy Librarian, at or 244-3106.Do you have an idea to solve the greatest grand challenges of civilization? As a Drexel student, you have access to the sum total of human knowledge and the latest tech breakthroughs through Drexel Libraries. Your challenge is to identify an emerging technology, and build a viable company to deploy to the masses.In a time where and are getting phased out, one might wonder about the relevance of libraries. It would be such a loss to the public if we have these beautiful reading sanctuaries taken from us. Luckily though, many are still standing in grandeur in city capitals and universities. And boy, are they breathtakingly gorgeous!The Clementinum (spelled Klemetinum in Czech) Library gives off a monastic feeling with its wooden floor and two-storey high ceiling. It’s a library with great historical significance, located in Prague.This is the National Library of China, which sits at the heart of Haidan, Beijing’s educational district. You can easily get lost in the grand architecture that is filled with bookshelves and the studious.I have admittedly not been to very many libraries, although the ones I did grow up in I certainly devoured their reading material as much as I could. Any place that stores hordes of books for my reading pleasure is immediately somewhere I want to be. However, that definition would encompass every library and bookstore in the world, so today I am going to narrow it down and discuss the at the University of Oxford in Oxford, England, United Kingdom.Started back in 1906 as a private library in the house of J. P. Morgan, this library now contains a lot of historical manuscripts, early printed books and prints, and old master drawings. It also includes a museum.Apart from being absolutely gorgeous in my opinion, the Bodleian Library is one of the largest and oldest libraries in Europe, and the fact that it boasts over 11 million items in certainly makes it a library worth visiting–especially because I think that I might faint from the joy of simply being in a place where I was surrounded by more books than I could probably manage to read in a lifetime.Pitches will be from January 10th to January 25th at 5:00 PM. Pitches will be delivered to a panel of investors on Thursday, January 26 in the Bookmark Cafe at W. W. Hagerty Library.This is a 9-storey building that was completed in 2011. This library has 4 storeys in a four-sided design, and 5 upper storeys that forms the shape of a pyramid. The structure has a glass ceiling.