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Did you know there's no legal minimum drinking age in Russia? Or that alcohol misuse costs the NHS £2.7 billion each year? And that 18% of Europe claim to drink for "tradition". Read on for more sobering stats.

Minimum Legal Drinking Ages around the World

The minimum legal drinking age varies dramatically around the world

The legal drinking age in Russia is 18, so Ben Donnelly would have no problem buying vodka or champagne to celebrate his bronze medal in the team pursuit at the world single distance championships.

Russia; Rwanda; Samoa; Serbia; Seychelles; Singapore; Slovakia; Slovena; South Africa; Spain;

What do people drink? Beer is popular among young people (legal drinking age in Russia is 18), wine is a drink of choice for people in their 30s. Men often like whisky (and a good bottle of whisky is always a good gift for a man). I can understand why somebody may want a shot of ice-cold vodka, but I have never been tempted to do one.

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