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15 Best Part-Time Jobs for High School Students

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The reason social scientists have failed to reach a consensus on the role of high school employment is because it is extremely difficult empirically to identify the net effect of high school work experience on measures of subsequent career outcomes such as wages, earnings, weeks worked, or weeks unemployed. Consider a situation where 24-year old workers who held jobs while in high school are found to earn higher hourly wages, on average, than similarly aged workers who did not hold jobs in high school. Before concluding that high school employment enhances subsequent labor market productivity, one must acknowledge that the two "types" of workers may differ in many dimensions besides high school employment status. There may be significant differences in their family backgrounds, the quality of their high schools (and the intensity of their school effort), their levels of post-secondary education, the amount of post-school work experience they gained, and even their innate ability. Unless each of these factors is "held constant," we cannot tell whether high school employment has a direct, skill-enhancing effect on subsequent wages or whether one or more of these factors explains the observed difference in average wages. Moreover, a simple comparison of average wages earned at a point in time cannot reveal whether the relationship between high school employment and subsequent wages changes over time.

Teenagers have different motivations for finding a part-time job while in high school

Should High School Students Have Part-Time Jobs

Teen-agers can have jobs while in high school, if they can handle both of these responsibilities. Having a job provides teen-agers experience in the work force and allows teens to contribute financially. They can save money for college, make car insurance payments, and even contribute toward the cost of clothing and food. Having a job while in high school is a lot of responsibility. The crucial factor determining whether a teen-ager succeeds in high school and the workplace is their time management skill. This is one of the skills that will help a teen-agers become a successful adult.

High School Students With Jobs: The Pros and Cons

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