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Another example of gender stereotyping in advertisements Axe body wash has probably been a leader in using masculinity to appeal to males. In this advertisement a man is not present but displays a shower head pouring women from it rather than water. This could be depicted as “If you use this, women will rain down on you.”

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I love this toy add because it counters the gender stereotype that certain toys are made for girls while others are made for boys. It also counters the idea that women are the ones typically responsible for ironing and vacuuming. Normally both of these toys would be targeted at a female audience, but this ad dares to take toys to a whole new level. It stands up for the idea that vacuuming and sweeping are no more a women’s job then a man’s, and children of both sexes can enjoy playing make believe with these kinds of toys.
There was another picture that I came across from this same catalog of a boy and a girl playing with a castle that would typically be marketed towards a male audience. Once again, there is no reason why a girl cannot enjoy playing with castles and dragons. Toys should be advertised to both genders in order to help eliminate gender stereotypes. With both of these ads we do not see strong characteristics of masculinity or femininity, but rather a more androgynous gender role is being displayed with a combination of the two.
For Christmas this past year I bought my daughter her first set of hot wheels cars. She is only 1 ½ but I want to start her out early so that she knows she can play with any toy that she pleases as long as it is age appropriate. In fact, she plays with her hot wheels and wooden truck more than she does with her baby doll. Children should be able to decide on their own what toys they want to play with, without being influenced by gender stereotyped advertisements. I have a great deal of respect for the makers of this catalog and I hope that we can see more advertisements like this in the future.

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Many women now would disagree with this advertisement. It is a catchy and eye-opening advertisement that people would notice right away. I feel if this company was to release this advertisement now, that there would be a lot of repercussion for this gender stereotype advertisement insinuating something.

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