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What five words best describe you

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Your action step for today is to choose one of your most trusted friends or family members and ask them for five words that best describe you. You want them to be as candid as possible, because you’ll be using this information down the road.

Common Interview Question – Describe Yourself in 5 Words

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Odin, it's been great getting to know and thanks for answering our questions!X X Just another short one in closing: what are the five words that best describe you?X

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Thank you so much, and I hope everything goes well for you too. Oh, and it's just BC now, no longer a ;) Don't want you saying BCC in the interview now! ;) The interview was alright! I was in a group of 10 other women besides myself. We all were going for "" so I'm assuming you'll be with others going for your same specialty. I was really nervous but in the end we only answered a total of 3 questions. Well first they wanted to know everyone's name, , work experience, volunteer work and modality. Then two of them got to pick a question. There were three interviewers total. I'm assuming they'll be different but I got: 1.) Describe a time where you had a conflict with a co-worker and how you handled it. 2.) Name five words that best describe you. Then at the VERY end they gave everyone a sheet of paper with our names pre-printed on it. I have absolutely no clue if all were the same questions or not but we had 15 minutes to answer the question. The question I got was 'How do you handle frustrating situations?' I realy hope this helps!! Good luck and who knows, maybe we'll be in the same classes in a few short months! :)

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