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Being able to effectively critique a journal article is a difficult task.

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So your assignment is to critique a journal article. This handout will give you a few guidelines to follow as you go. But wait, what kind of a journal ...

In pairs, you are going to produce guidelines for critiquing a journal article.

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Critiquing journal articles provides you with a first-hand experience into the world of research. When we review the works of others who have contributed to our area of interest or field, we ascertain and gain knowledge of past and current research issues and concerns in a particular area. This is also a very important task that you should learn to do, that will prepare and provide you with the ability to compose a "Literature Review" as a necessary component of a thesis and/or dissertation.

However, for less experienced researchers published guidelines will be of great value when critiquing journal articles.

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Critiquing journal articles provides you with a first-hand experience into the world of ..

In analyzing and critiquing journal articles, students are asked to identify elements of the article and classify them according to key ideas, key assumptions, key theories, key experiments, and key results. Students then continue to analyze the article by asking such questions as: