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Difference Between Blade Runner and Frankenstein

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 “Blade Runner and Frankenstein explore the ramifications for humanity when technology is used with a disregard for ethics and morality.” Discuss the context and values of the 19 th and 20 th century and how technology was viewed. Compare and contrast why and how Tyrell and Frankenstein used technology to push the boundaries of the nature : hubris, myopia, self-aggrandisement... Analyse the consequences: the creations and the victims, and the ideas that are conveyed. The meaning conveyed about technology through an analysis of both texts.

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 “Both Blade Runner and Frankenstein question what it means to be human.” Evaluate how this question is explored in both texts and what meaning you have arrived at from this evaluation. Discuss the context and values and what is being said about humanity in the 19 th and 20 th century Humanity : imagination and intelligence, flawed, mortality, relationships, empathy and love Analyse in an integrated comparison and contrast the creators and the creations, and the ideas that are conveyed about what it means to be human. Discuss what meaning you have gained after an evaluation of what it means to be human in both texts.

blade runner and frankenstein essay

It is not an easy task to compare Blade Runner and Frankenstein to find the difference between them as they are interconnected and, at the same time, when one is the source for the other. They are interconnected because Frankenstein is a and Blade Runner is a inspired by it. The comparison between the two is a bit difficult, especially, when the novel has been written in an entirely different era. Frankenstein is a novel written by Mary Shelly way back in 1818 while Blade Runner is a Hollywood movie that was made in 1982 by Ridley Scott. Though there are obvious similarities owing to the same subject matter, the manner in which Ridley chooses to describe the events and his directorial touch makes Blade Runner somewhat different from Frankenstein. This article will attempt to highlight these differences between Blade Runner and Frankenstein for the benefit of the readers.

Blade Runner and Frankenstein